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Joe Satriani – Shockwave Tour 2016

Yet again got the chance to experience Joe Satriani and Marco Minnemann in Amager Bio on a hot Monday night – first concert in Denmark on his Shockwave Tour 2016.

Went out in the rain after the concert with a gigantic smile on my face – a smile that lasted throughout the concert.

Fantastic to experience musicians who clearly enjoys what they are doing on stage.

Marco behind the big Drum Workshop drum kit, laughing and having fun even through the most challenging passages.

Joe behind his trademark dark sunglasses, also just enjoying the big cheers from the crowd in the sold out Amager Bio.

2 hours and 45 minutes bringing us 30 years of great music, by a true equilibrium on the guitar.

As always Amager Bio is a great place for concerts, the wide stage makes it possible for everyone to get close to the artists, and it’s not the worst place in town sound wise.


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