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How to extract subtitles from TS (transport stream) files

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It’s possible to extract TeleText subtitles from TS or Transport Stream files recorded by the VU Uno satellite box using a tool called ccextractor.

Below guide is used on Mac OS X, using CCExtractor v0.78.

  1. Download the source code of CCExtractor here:
  2. Extract the source code to a folder if not done automatically.
  3. In Terminal locate the folder called “mac” within the extracted folder
  4. Run the following command: sudo bash ./build.command
  5. Type in your password if requested, and wait for the build to complete.
  6. You should now find a file called “ccextractor” in the folder.
  7. To extract subtitles from a file use the below command:

ccextractor -startat mm:ss -endat mm:ss -autoprogram  -out=srt -bom -utf8 -teletext -tpage yyy /path/to/my/file/name.ts

-tpage: Is the teletext page containing the subtitles for Danish TV this is normally page 399.

-startat: The point in time when the the extraction should start formatted in minutes:seconds

-endat: The point in time when the extraction should end formatted in minutes:seconds.

The above will extract the TeleText into a .srt file encoded in UTF8 and placed in the same folder as the input file.

Note: The extracted srt file will need to be synchronised with the video afterwards. To do this, you can use the online service called SubShifter ( where you upload the file, provide the off-set you need to match with your encoded video, and you will get a new file with the required off-set.

Happy extracting 🙂

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  1. Maybe it will be easier then, meaning: just the actual documentary and a .mkv file. Any suggestions how to easily extract the subtitles also with CCExtractor? 21st Mar 2018 09:13 5 Member Originally Posted by HelpVid Open your .ts file with SubtitleEdit.

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