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IMDb Contribution – Submitting Danish credits

IMDb Contribution Status January 2020

Been working with IMDb Contribution for the past 10 years, a member of IMDb for the past 19 years (20 years this fall), and having it made it on their Top 250 contributors list for the past two years. During this period I’ve been constantly searching for proper translation of the Danish job roles in Movie and TV-Productions, in order to ensure my contributions use the correct the English/American job titles on IMDb. As a result, I’ve been creating my own dictionary of the most common Danish job titles, and their English IMDb equivalent.

Thought I’d share my list below – maybe someone will find it useful, when contributing to IMDb, or finding the correct word when doing their own credits.

This list is in no way complete – there’s most likely mistakes, but I continuously try to improve it – especially since there’s a lot of odd cases, where the jobs are used loosely. Examples of this could be the Producer roles. Some movie and TV-shows have roles like “Producer” & “Executive Producer”, which makes it easy to add the data to IMDb, others use the term “Producent”, which could either be translated to “Executive Producer”, but in some cases we see Movies/TV-Shows which both have a “Producent” and an “Executive Producer”, and maybe even a “Producer”, causing complete confusion when having to submit the data to IMDb.

Here follows (in alphabetic order) a table of the translations I’ve been using, with a few comments for those where there seems to be confusion, which hopefully will be able to help you with your IMDb Contribution.

AdministrationOther Crew -> administration
BelyserCamera and Electrical -> lighting technician
BelysningsmesterCamera and Electrical -> gaffer
ChefkostumierCostume and Wardrobe Department -> key costumer
Chef RekvisitørArt Department -> property master
CCU (camera control unit)Camera and Electrical -> ccu
Digital Redaktionsleder
DITEditorial Department -> dit
GradingEditorial Department -> color grader
GrafikArt Department -> graphics
GrafikerArt Department -> Graphics Designer
IndspilningslederSecond Unit or Assistant Directors -> first assistant director
Second Unit or Assistant Directors -> assistant director
Production Managers -> unit production manager
unit production manager (Production Management)
Other Crew -> Production Coordinator
InstruktørassistentSecond Unit or Assistant Directors -> first assistant director
LogEditorial Department ->
LoadEditorial Department ->
PlanlæggerProducers -> planner
PostkoordinatorEditorial Department -> post-production coordinator
Post ProducerProducers -> post producer
Editorial Department -> post producer
Producer AssistentProducers – > assistant producer
ProduktionProduction Managers -> production
ProduktionslederProduction Manager -> production leader
ProduktionssupervisorProducers -> production supervisor
ProduktionskoordinatorOther Crew -> production coordinator
Produktions AssistentOther Crew -> production assistant
ProgramansvarligProduction Manager -> executive in charge of production
RedaktionWriters -> editor
RedaktørProducers -> commissioning editor
RegissørSet Decorator
RedaktionschefWriters -> editorial supervisor
RekvisitørArt Department -> props
Rekvisitør – DressArt Department -> set dresser
ScenografProduction Designer
Art Department -> set designer
ScenemesterOther Crew -> stage manager
ScripterScript and Continuity Department -> scripter
Script and Continuity -> continuity
Set-revisitørArt Department -> set decorator/set dresser
SminkørMakeup Department -> makeup artist
SouchefOther Crew -> souschef 
Teknisk assistentOther Crew -> technical assistant
TEKOOther Crew -> technical coordinator
TilrettelæggerProduction Manager
TonemesterSound Department -> sound mixer/sound recordist
UdviklingWriters -> development
Økonomi Other Crew -> economy

This is the first instalment – and will try to update it with more details as I encounter.

Maybe have a look at my other “how-to’s” e.g. or maybe

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